Who We Are?

Governing Body

5.1 The management and control of the Trust shall be vested in a Governing Body consisting of not less than three members. Any vacancy occurring in the Governing Body, except that of the ex-officio members shall be filled by the Governing Body by a majority of votes, and the person so appointed shall hold office only until the next Annual General Meeting of the Trust; but the Governing Body shall have power to act not withstanding any vacancy in its number.

5.2 The first Governing Body of the Trust shall consist of the names mentioned in IV Article 5.

5.3 The tenure of the Governing Body shall be determined by the members.

5.4 The governing body for the Institute or institutes or other bodies will be created separately with the approval of the Trust. The Trust can meet at places and date mutually agreed by the Board.


The Governing Body shall have the entire control and management of the working, purposes and affairs of the Trust and shall have all such powers enabling them generally to carry out the objects of the Trust or required to be exercised or done by the Trust in a General Meeting. The Governing Body shall also have the powers from time to time to make, vary and repeal the Rules and Regulations, bye-laws for the transaction and regulation of the working and affairs both of the Trust and of itself.

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing powers, the Governing Body shall, for the promotion and realization of the objects and purposes of the Trust have the following powers, namely :-

    • (i)To acquire immovable property of any tenure in any part of India according to the needs of the Trust as it may require with or without buildings and structures by way of purchases absolutely or by way of lease, exchange, gift or in any other form of acquisition at such rates, terms and conditions as the Governing Body of the Trust may agree to.
    • (ii)To construct such building or buildings and structures as may be necessary and from time to time improve, alter, demolish or extend the same or any parts thereof, and to equip the same with all such plant, machinery, equipment, instruments, apparatus, appliances, and facilities, as the Governing Body may deem fit.
    • (iii)To employ, suspend, discharge and dismiss any personnel, volunteers or staff either for remuneration or gratuitously on such terms as the Governing Body may deem fit.
    • (iv)To apply for, receive and utilize any funds or resources in connection with any institution, work, activity or property held or conducted by the Trust or its members or otherwise and to deal with the same according to the terms thereof.
    • (v)To solicit, receive, administer and use any gift, donation, subscription, contribution, loan, Corporate Social Responsibility funds or grants ,mortgage or foundation in kind or money or any other property, whether subject to any trust or not, for any of the objects of the Trust and to undertake and carry out the offices, duties and functions of trustees, managers and administrators, either solely or jointly with another or others for or in respect of the above, whether vested in the Trust or otherwise, notwithstanding that the carrying out of any such trusts may involve the exercise of powers not specifically mentioned therein.
    • (vi)To invest and deal with the funds and money of the Trust, not immediately required, in such a manner as the Governing Body may from time to time at their discretion deem fit and at the discretion from time to time to vary and transpose such investments or deposits into or for others of any kind, and to advance, money and property of the Trust with or without security on such terms as the Governing Body may think fit and in keeping with the requirements of the laws for the time being in force.
    • (vii)To negotiate, and enter into, any arrangements with Union and State Governments, University, Municipality or any other public or private authority, corporate body or association etc., which may seem beneficial or conducive to any of the objects of the Foundation.
    • (viii)To borrow or receive money on deposit upon such terms and with or without security on all or any of the property and assets of the Trust, present or future, as the Governing Body shall deem necessary.
    • (ix)To deposit, withdraw or deal with moneys in any Bank(s), invest funds in any other avenue or with any other institutions, as the law may permit from time to time on such terms and in such manner as the Governing Body deems fit.
    • (x)To carry on any of any business or profession, whatsoever which may seem beneficial or conducive to any of the objects of the Foundation and either alone or in conjunction with another or others, and as factors, trustees, or agents or other wise and on such terms as the Governing Body may deem fit.
    • (xi)To draw, endorse, discount, and in general deal with bank accounts, insurance policies, bills of exchange, promissory notes, cheques, provident fund accounts, pension accounts, bills of lading, railway receipts, registered or insured or courier letters or parcels, postal receipts, saving certificates, warrants, bonds, debentures, securities, stocks and shares and other negotiable, commercial or transferable instruments or securities for on behalf of the society or all or any of its individual member(s).
    • (xii)To subscribe to or otherwise aid educational, medical, cultural, technical or other institutions or objects of a public character, which have a moral or other claim to support or aid from the Society by reason of the locality of their operations or otherwise.
    • (xiii) To provide for the maintenance and welfare of the persons employed by or connected or associated with the Trust or volunteers and the defendants of such persons irrespective of caste or creed, but subject to their being approved by the Governing Body by inter alias establishing and / or contributing to Provident, Pension and Benefit funds or insuring their lives or otherwise as the Governing Body may deem fit, and this maintenance expenditure shall not be construed as a division or distribution of profits, income or dividend to the members.
    • (xiv)To maintain a Repair Fund to meet the expenses of a capital nature and to pay into such Fund moneys at such times and in such amounts as the Governing Body may from time to time decide.
    • (xv)To establish and maintain Corpus Fund(s), Reserve Fund(s) or Endowment Fund(s) of such other funds as the Governing Body may deem fit, for the promotion of the activities of the Foundation, including the maintenance and support of the persons employed, associated or connected with the society or its members or volunteers and the training of personnel for the purpose of the Trust.
    • (xvi)To establish, maintain, vary or close down branches or representations of the Society in such places in India or abroad and on such terms as the Governing Body may from time to time deem necessary or expedient.
    • (xvii)To enter into and carry out arrangements for joint working or for amalgamation with any other association, society or institution having objects within or similar to the objects of the Trust.
    • (xviii)To appoint such person or persons as the governing body may deem fit for the purpose of representing the Foundation or the governing body or member(s) in any legal, financial or other proceedings to be instituted by or against the Society, the governing body or member(s) or in such other matters as maybe required from time to time.
    • (xix)To delegate all or any powers of the Governing Body to such Committee(s) or such person(s) as it may from time to time deem necessary or expedient and to execute any power of attorney in this regard if required.
    • (xx)To elect / appoint the office bearers of the Trust.
  • (xxi)Generally to do all such other things as may be deemed necessary by the Governing Body to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the Trust.


  • 1 In the event of any difference of opinion among the members of the Governing Body on any matter, such matter shall be decided by majority votes and this decision shall be final and accepted by the Governing Body.


    • 1 The President shall chair all the meetings.
    • The Vice-President shall chair all the meetings in the absence of the President.
    • 3 The Secretary shall normally convene all Meetings of the governing body at such time or place as he may deem fit. If the Secretary fails to convene a meeting of the Governing Body on the written request of the majority of the Governing Body members, then the President or in her absence the Vice President can convene a Governing Body meeting.
    • 4 The Secretary shall undertake such other functions and duties as authorized or delegated by the Governing Body from time to time.
    • 5 The Treasurer/secretary shall be responsible for placing the annual accounts before the Governing Body and ensuring that proper and fair accounts are maintained. The Governing Body can authorize the Secretary or such other person also to be the treasurer.
  • 6 The Members have rights to bring in issues for discussion in the promotion of the objects of the Trust and other issues.